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We’re Blend. A Catering Company in Reno. Come on in! #2

Welcome to our fresh, delicious new website, which is another way for us to bring our ideas and our passions to the Reno-Tahoe catering table. This blog, Behind the Plate, will be another place for us to maintain a conversation with you.

So where to start? How about a quick intro …

Previously operating as Dough Catering, we’ve now grown into Blend: a catering company that is as personable as it is tasty, as capable as it is inventive. With Blend, we’re thrilled to create, expand and serve you the vibrant culinary culmination of our experience, taste and vision while, of course, catering to yours.

Whether it’s a cocktail party with pass-around bites, a full-fledged multi-course dinner, a backyard BBQ or a business meet-and-eat, we’re here to make your event memorable with cuisine that tastes (and looks) great.

While our specialty is variety—and we like to mix it up—there are some staples you will always find on our menu:

  •      Fresh, quality ingredients
  •      Friendly, organized service
  •      Delicious, memorable food
  •      Seasoned, professional experience
  •      Creative menus inspired by YOUR ideas, wishes, concerns and curiosities!

Join us each week here on Behind The Plate—our online home base—where we’ll be cooking up articles covering everything from our favorite recipes to fun catering ideas, local food scene happenings to savory tales of dos (and don’ts!) from our personal experience.

We’re movers and shakers, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a taste of what we’re up to at the moment.

Let’s eat!

Your chefs,

Whitney and Josh