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Catering in Lake Tahoe That’ll Complement the Breathtaking Scenery

Captain John Fremont called Lake Tahoe the “Jewel of the Sierra”. Mark Twain declared it “surely the fairest picture our whole Earth affords”. And Frank Sinatra once remarked, “Gotta love that big blue pond!” Well… maybe. No one really knows for sure.

But despite debate about who actually said these things (or whether they were even said at all), what these famous sayers definitely meant (if they even said them) is as clear as the lake: that it would make a spectacular spot for a catered event featuring your favorite eats!

With its beauty—famously opalescent depths reflecting peaks reaching high into the pine-kissed air—along with a variety of venues as vast as its wilderness—Lake Tahoe is simply brimming with ideal choices. (See? We can use flowery words, too!)

Lake Tahoe boasts everything from elegant hotels and serene waterfront golf courses to flip-flop friendly beaches and funky old chalet-style cabins with rifle racks and bearskin rugs. And what makes catering in Lake Tahoe so much fun for us is tackling the challenge of creating an artful, tasty menu that pairs perfectly with any event’s tone and setting.

Hosting a stylish sunset gala at big, beautiful estate on the water? Let’s talk about some sophisticated sit-down mains and a mesmerizing wine list. Throwing a big summer beach party? How about fresh, artisan salads and flavorful pass-around bites you can savor in front of the band. Stomping up to a bluegrass-serenaded wedding reception on a tree-nestled cabin deck? Umm… try our BBQ!

Wherever you decide to hold your event—or what sort of theme you rock—you need a menu that complements it. Catering in Lake Tahoe should be inspired by the surroundings to enhance your guests’ experience. Luckily, our specialty is variety. Heck, we can even help steer you toward a place you’ll love.

But don’t just take our word. (Or our breath; that’s a job for the scenery… and the food!) Drop us a line and let us know what you envision so we can make sure every element is stunning. It’s why we do what we do. And it’s why we do it in Lake Tahoe instead of, say… Antarctica.