corporate cheese plate catering

Corporate Catering, aka In-Office Catering, aka Business Catering (Whatever You Call it, we do Corporate Catering in Reno and Lake Tahoe)

Corporate Catering in Reno

People ask us, do we do business catering in Reno and Lake Tahoe? Or in-office catering? Or corporate catering? Or something? However you ask it, if your question is basically “can you bring large quantities of tasty edible things to the place I work”, the answer is YOU BET!

Reno is a pretty business-friendly community, but much less so when your colleagues are hungry … or busy worrying about logistics, cleanup and other hassles when they could be synergizing and market-scaling and business-ing and whatnot.

Instead, call Blend! We make it our business to cater to yours.

Our menu and service portfolio is highly diversified. Maybe your lunch meeting could use a few platters of Thai or Mediterranean favorites at the conference table. Or perhaps your stand-up happy-hour mingle-fest would truly impress that big client with some creative bites and elegantly portioned sippables served around the room. And then again, maybe your Staff Appreciation Party will be awesome thanks to a good old all-you-can-fit-on-your-plate gourmet BBQ buffet. Whatever the setting, our ingredients are always the right ones for the job.

Speaking of ingredients, we do all our “marketing” from the freshest sources of quality ingredients, making sure to support the local economy whenever possible, from local produce growers and butchers to farmers markets and more.

As a busy Reno catering company, we know time is money—even when that time is lunchtime. That’s why we’re punctual, prepared, on-task and efficient. So whether you envision a seven-course sit-down dining extravaganza for an afternoon full of seminars or simply need some speedy, no-frills corporate drop-off catering for your power luncheon, we’ll make it happen and we’ll do it right.

And as with ANY event, Blend will whip up a spectacular menu to fit any budget that’ll keep you fed and out of the red. (You can cook your books, but it won’t taste very good …)

Need some space? If your office lacks a big comfy conference room or spacious banquet hall with its own tables and chairs, we know some great venues around the Reno-Tahoe region and how to furnish them.

Got employees who won’t eat certain things? (Or even who can’t but wish they could …) We’ll keep that gluten / lactose / meat / kale / whatever off their plates and out of a lawsuit.

Corporate Catering in Reno

The bottom line is we pretty much do it all. So whether your all-knowing infallible boss calls it corporate catering, in-office catering, business catering or anything else, the next time your company needs amazing food and stellar service, just call Blend. We’ll get down to business and give your corporate event the taste of success it craves.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes; we have killer recipes for both tom-ay-toes AND tom-ah-toes …