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Ten Questions Every Bride Should Ask When Hiring a Wedding Caterer (Course 2)

So you’re a bride-to-be? First off, congratulations! On getting married, certainly, but also for being thoughtful, organized and totally un-Bridezilla-like enough with your wedding planning to read this post!

If you’re even an inch into the process, you’ve already got a LOT to think about (even more if you’re Pinterester …). But that same diligence and care your mom’s putting into doily lace patterns should go into choosing your wedding caterer to ensure you get the kind of unbelievable cuisine and smooth, dedicated service that’ll make your big day everything you ever dreamed of.

Here are ten questions you should ask before you say “I do” to your wedding caterer!

(And yes, we’ve taken the liberty to answer a few … ok, all of them!)

Click here for Course #1 featuring questions 1 through 5


  1.   Will you provide tables, chairs, plates, table linens, silverware, salt-and-pepper shakers, lions, tigers, beras and more?

If your venue doesn’t provide the equipment, find out if your caterer does. However, don’t just take “yes” for an answer. What works for one wedding’s aesthetic might not work for yours (like Jimbo’s all-purpose beach chairs), so ask for a description (or, better yet, ask to see them).

While Blend doesn’t keep our own massive stockpile of everything, we have arrangements with companies that have everything you could possibly need. Just tell us what look and feel you’re going for and we can help supply everything you need. (Even lacey doilies if you’d like to save your mom the trouble …)

  1.   Do you provide your own wait staff?

There’s more to being a catering staffer than just “getting the job done”. Some catering companies rely on venue staff to (hopefully) follow instructions and help them cut down on employment costs. A stellar caterer, however, should have a core team that is trained to understand the caterer’s style, vision and ethics so they can work seamlessly to make your wedding service flawless.

  1.   What will your wait staff wear?

Unless your Lake Tahoe beach wedding is luau-themed, your Lake Tahoe wedding caterer shouldn’t be sporting the latest Tommy Bahama duds.

With Blend, you should take the Fashion Police off speed dial, as our staff always shows up dressed professionally, appropriately for your wedding’s feel, and in a tasteful way that identifies them as wait staff eager to help your guests enjoy their culinary experience.

  1.   Can I speak to your previous clients?

Always, always, always check testimonials! There is no better measure of a caterer’s up-to-snuffness than real reports of weddings like yours from brides like you. Crowd-sourced review sites like Yelp! and Google help, but the caterer should be eager to provide you with shining references. It’s like they’re applying for a job and you’re the hiring manager. Be sure to ask about the number of guests and menu choices, so you can compare to your own plans.

Blend is always happy to connect you to previous clients who are always happy to share their always happy experience with our service and cuisine. Check out some testimonials here! But put on some sunglasses; these things glow!

  1. What kind of budget do I need to hire you?

Like your wedding dress, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all budget. If your caterer already knows the price of their services before you even give them all your details, keep shopping. A considerate caterer will listen to your wedding’s needs (and budgetary range) first, then create a customized plan with honest pricing that reflects your menu and your service style—not just their time and behind-the-scenery.

As for your budget, there should never be a “too low” or even a “too high”; budgets of every size get equally thoughtful treatment from Blend.