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Foodie New Year’s Resolutions from Your Reno / Lake Tahoe Catering Company

Well, it’s almost 2016 … yup, it’s Resolution Time! We know, we know; your Facebook feed is probably plenty FULL of that stuff. But, fear not! Partly because of that (and partly since we’re a Reno / Lake Tahoe catering company that makes a living off of people eating our food) we thought we’d send you down a more interesting road than the one to tired old I’m-Gonna-Try-This-New-Diet Town.

Earlier this month, we found a list of Foodie Goals to Accomplish.” While many of them–at least on their own–might not feel as ambitious as learning how to dance the salsa or becoming proficient in Mandarin, we think they’re all valuable and even brave.

(Plus, well, let’s be honest: as bona fide “foodies” ourselves, we’d rather learn a tasty new salsa recipe or Chinese cooking technique, anyway!)

So have a peek at these 51 fun goals, do some mixing and matching, and perhaps you’ll come away with something even better than yet another unattainable resolution: new skills and delicious culinary experiences you can share with others!

Happy Resolving, everybody!

51 Foodie Goals to Accomplish

Originally published on PopSugar. 

  1. Clean out and reorganize your fridge.
  2. Make a recipe from your Pinterest boards.
  3. Learn a new cooking technique.
  4. Go meatless on Monday for a month.
  5. Flip over a fried egg without the yolk breaking.
  6. Make tomato sauce from scratch.
  7. Perfectly roast a whole chicken.
  8. Break down a chicken.
  9. Read a nonfiction food book.
  10. Slow cook something.
  11. Visit a winery and/or brewery.
  12. Organize (and purge) your cookbook collection.
  13. Cook a new-to-you whole grain.
  14. Bake bread from scratch.
  15. Master a family recipe.
  16. Make a layer cake from scratch.
  17. Invent your own cocktail.
  18. Deep-fry something.
  19. Cook dinner at home at least three nights a week for a month.
  20. Make perfectly poached eggs.
  21. Host a dinner party.
  22. Clean out your spice rack.
  23. Make a condiment from scratch.
  24. Learn how to sharpen a knife.
  25. Visit your neighborhood farmers market.
  26. Make a soufflé.
  27. Try at least one food that scares you.
  28. Cook a steak to perfect doneness.
  29. Learn a new French knife skill.
  30. Pack your own lunch for a week.
  31. Make homemade mac and cheese.
  32. Learn to cut a whole pineapple.
  33. Perfectly steam rice.
  34. Feast on an ethnic food you’ve never had before.
  35. Make hummus from scratch.
  36. Organize your tupperware containers.
  37. Pack a mason jar salad.
  38. Create a well-stocked pantry.
  39. Make chicken (or vegetable) stock from scratch.
  40. Can/preserve something.
  41. Brew coffee at home for a month.
  42. Make homemade pasta.
  43. Flip pancakes without them folding.
  44. Follow a recipe to the T without making any changes.
  45. Caramelize onions.
  46. Churn a pint of homemade ice cream.
  47. Grow something.
  48. Ferment something.
  49. Make an on-point French omelet.
  50. Clean and put away dishes immediately for a month.
  51. Find your signature drink.

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