Get Blend: The Finest Private Valentine’s Day Dinner in Reno

Valentine’s Day is only heartbeats away!

And whether you are head-over-heels with the romance of it all or spurn it as simply another “Hallmark holiday,” we see it as a calendar-marked inspiration to pause the routine and enjoy some special moments with someone you love. 

We all know the popular ingredients: thoughtful gifts, mood-setting atmosphere, and an exquisite meal for just the two of you. But if you really crave a culinary escape with some delicious alone time

Why invite everybody else?

This Valentine’s Weekend, ditch the waiting, the lines, the crowds … and dine differently.

Treat each other to a fabulous, chef-prepared private dinner for two in the comfort of your own home.

Get Blend’s Chef-to-Table Valentine’s Day meal delivery!

Click here to order the loveliest pre fixe Valentine’s Day dinner in Reno, made fresh from the heart with the finest ingredients just for you by Chefs Josh & Whitney Deri.

Valentine’s Day Catering Menu:


fine herbs + Meyer lemon creamy dressing + avocado + butter lettuce + crispy shallots


red wine caramel + carrot puree + crispy potato


salted caramel + dark chocolate tart


ORDER NOW to bring your romantic evening all the way home!