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Fine Dining, Redefined: Choose Fine Dining Wedding Catering in Tahoe

The day of your dreams has arrived, and the event is brimming with love and good fortune– the gown, the bouquet, the guests, the dancing, and of course the wedding meal. Your wedding day is the celebration of new beginnings and a lifetime of love and joy, and the meal should reflect such a beautiful memory in the making. What takes your meal to remember from commonplace to an unforgettable ingredient in your celebration? The element of fine dining.

Fine dining is changing course. No longer is there a desire for dispassionate, uppity extravagance. Instead, chefs are taking notes from corner craftsmen and contemporary artists alike, fusing the aesthetic and practical elements of food to create a thoughtfully executed dining experience. There is a new focus on amplified simplicity and precise customization– an artful balance of casual and exquisite, with details as personalized as they are timeless. Get a taste of the most notable culinary trends of 2016 here. 

In the world of fine catering, culinary artists are transforming the rules of the catered experience, exploring new bounds and taking risks like never before, all to unlock the delectable, luxurious transience of a perfect meal. This is the new age of fine catering, and this is exactly how you want to remember your wedding day.


Blend Catering for Your Meal to Remember

Make your wedding the memorable occasion for friends and family to enjoy long after the day is past. Blend Catering creates every menu under the same philosophy: variety is our specialty. We know that excellently prepared food begins with a deep understanding of culinary opportunities in fusion and detailed selection.  Let Blend attend to every detail of your unique vision. Explore the possibilities with Blend Wedding Catering. 

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