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Wedding Meal Trends Worth Trying

Observational statistics show that guests will recall the wedding meal—over the vows, bouquet toss and inappropriate speeches—even if there is absolutely nothing special about it. (Yes, they’re our observations, but trust us, we’ve been to A LOT of weddings.) So if there is no escaping the memories of your guests, why not make the meal worth remembering?  We have a few tips for avoiding habitual wedding menus that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

Beat the Money Myth

While it’s generally believed that buffets are more economical than sit down dinners, that’s a total myth. The bill for your wedding meal wholly depends on what you choose to serve, so free yourself of the buffet limitation and have a little fun with your sit down dinner!

Treat your guests like…guests!

Your guests are the honorary few (or few hundred) that you absolutely had to have at your wedding. While this day is about you, it is also about the people that are special to you. Let the menu thank them for their presence on your special day. Name certain dishes after family members or traditions.  If you have a smaller guest list, treat them to a multi-course sit down meal that caters to specific dietary restrictions. Remind them that they are an important part of this experience, and the cattle herding at the buffet just isn’t and option. 

Don’t let your “something borrowed” be the wedding menu.

Most wedding menus feature the same staples: tri-tip, chicken and potato salad with the occasional vegetarian option—some other type of salad. While there are hundreds of things to do before your big day, don’t let your wedding menu fall by the wayside. This is your day to eat, drink and be married, so there’s no room to settle for any thing less than your dreams! Give us a call and we’ll take care of it call. 

Feature Your Favorite Foods

You’ve shared many meals over the course of falling in love, it only makes sense to feature them at your wedding! Maybe it’s a mutual love for southern comfort food that brought you together, or the two of you have a history of trying the best sandwich shop in every city you stop through. Bring it to the wedding table! 

Something New

Signature cocktails are cool and all, but why not do a spin on a classic idea? Instead opt for alcohol infused desserts like cupcakes or a summer sorbet. Yum!

Food Truck Catering

Food truck catering is an affordable and fun twist to your reception dinner. Clean up is easy, guests will love it, and it’s a great way to go local. Food truck catering can easily be incorporated into the wedding theme, and everyone is sure to dig the progressive touch.


Alright fine, buffet style isn’t all that bad.

If you insist on this convenient method, upgrade the style.

  • Interactive Stations Invite guests to get creative with interactive stations at your buffet line. Appetizers and cocktails that can be built at a station add just the right amount of fun to the freewheeling buffet line.
  • Let go of the Line No one likes feels liking a herded cattle before they are about to eat. Break your food stations by setting them up in different areas of the celebration space. You can have all the options at various tables, or categorize stations by desserts, meats, etc.
  • Include personal servings Grab and go orderves keep the clustering around tables to a minimum.  

Tried-and-true may work for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but this is your day, no one else’s. Liked these tips? Have ideas of your own but need help with the execution? Indulge in an original meal designed with your dream in mind. We have to training and experience to make it all happen for you. Book Blend for your wedding today.