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We Love Local Vendors: Support Local Food In Reno

Supporting local food in Reno and Tahoe is more than a trend, it’s a return to our roots. There are so many reasons why supporting local food sources (and being your own!) changes our community, our environment and our personal health for the better.

We choose local ingredients for everything, whether we’re catering a local conference or enjoying a quiet meal for two (soon to be 3) at home. Below are a few of our creations that simply wouldn’t be the same without support from these local farmers and vendors.

Local Food Tastes Better Because crops are picked at their peak, you and your family reap the benefits of nutrient dense, seasonal foods.  Take a look at this summer salad adorned with fresh cherry tomatoes from Lattin Farms. 

Lattin Farms

fresh cherry tomatoes from Lattin Farms

Local Food is Better For You and Your Family Local food travels less, so preservation is less of an issue. Also, nutrients are less likely to be lost from farm to table, and you have the benefit of speaking directly to the source with questions or kudos. Working with Sierra Gold Seafood has expanded our opportunities to deliver delicious seafood dishes to the community.  


Sierra Gold Seafood

Seared Halibut from Sierra Gold Seafood

Growing Local Food Encourages and Preserves Genetic Diversity. So long, soldier crops! Outside of the mainstream agricultural system, crops grow free from the pressure of uniformity and a long time shelf life. With local food, finding oddly shaped roots and berries is no anomaly, and way more fun! These strawberries from City Green Gardens may be small but they pack a punch. We are always pleased with the superb quality of produce from City Green. 

City Green Gardens

The berry bounty of City Green Gardens


Local Food Benefits the Environment Supporting well-managed local farms and vendors ensures the future of local agriculture. Farms provide a habitat for wildlife, protect water sources and help conserve energy. We go to Butcher Boy for quality, locally sourced meats.

Butcher Boy

Carnitas with Berkshire Pork from Butcher Boy

Local Food Supports The Community Buying directly from a farmer or vendor cuts the wholesale costs and middleman. Connecting directly with the farmer establishes eater to grower relations, while also opening opportunities for children to learn about agriculture and natural food sources. We love sourcing our artisan cheeses from Bellwether Farms.


Bellwether Farms

creme fraiche from Bellwether Farms

We are unbelievably lucky to work locally with these vendors. These are just a few of the wonderful relationships we have, and we are always looking to partner with more.