holiday party ideas

Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

unique corporate holiday party

Your holiday party is the annual opportunity for colleagues to come together, set work aside and celebrate. This year, host a magnificent corporate holiday party that people wouldn’t dream of missing. If you’re in charge of planning this year’s corporate holiday party, step out of the norm and dream up something unforgettable.

Choose a Theme that Embraces Your Work Culture. Holidays parties are not one-theme fits all, so take the time to imagine a theme that highlights the unique people and culture at your company. Locking in a specific theme also aids in the event’s functionality, because they inspire attire, food/drink and venue ideas. When choosing a theme, keep your company culture in mind. Below are a few less common holiday inspired themes.
  • A Dickens Holiday Party. As the father of classic Christmas tales, what better way to celebrate the season
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas. If your employees would appreciate a cult-classic theme.
  • Classic Hollywood Christmas. Choose a classic film, like It’s A Wonderful Life, or opt for iconic Hollywood glamour.
  • Cookie Tasting and Decorating. If your company is more of a low-key group, opt for a more personal theme. With a cookie tasting, everyone can go home with treats decorated by someone else.
Invite Everyone It’s the holidays, and everyone from every department should be there. This might be the only time all year for the whole company to come together and share in the merriment.
If Your Company Is Small, Make Everyone Feel Special. The great thing about smaller companies is how much closer employees tend to be. With a tight-knit group, there’s more opportunity to make each attendee feel special. Include an interactive theme or gift exchange and a sit-down dinner.
Choosing the Best “When.” Whether your event is held in the daytime or evening, on a weekday or weekend, the time and date of the event will lead decisions for the menu, bar style (open bar or limited to beer and wine?) and even whether or not children are welcome.
Venue: Take a Detour From the Typical Casino Scene. Yes, living in Reno makes casino venues seem like the only proper choice, but with all the new and unique locations popping up in the area, there’s more options than ever. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite venues. There is SO much more to Reno than Casinos (Midtown and those Beautiful Sierra Mountains!)

Lavender Ridge 


Photo Gathered From Lavender Ridge 

When choosing a venue, consider the pros and cons of an open bar (traffic, transportation). Safety should still be number one, and with the promise of icy roads and free flowing booze, it’s worth it to have a transportation plan, just in case. We recommend Reno Tahoe Limousine.

Also, while of course you want everyone to attend, people have many obligations during the holidays. Send out formal invitations with RSVP cards far before the venue is chosen so you can choose an appropriate space.

 Overall Details to Consider:
  • It’s easy to decline an invite sent via memo. Send formal invitations to employees so they know their presence is requested.
  • If your business is a non-profit, or the event is paid for by employees, be mindful of extravagant or superfluous details. The last thing you want is for guests to spend the whole time analyzing where their money was spent.

  • The Holidays are a hectic time for everyone, so if employees are opting out of the holiday party due other obligations, consider hosting the event in January.

  • Include an activity, gift or contest that no one is expecting.