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7 Tips For A Wildly Successful Milestone Event

We absolutely love milestone celebrations. They help us remember our biggest accomplishments and fondest memories of love and growth. Plus, what better reason is there to celebrate than being alive?

Planning a milestone party for yourself or for a loved one can be just as intricate as planning a wedding. But don’t worry, we have a few tips to help you throw an adult birthday party that people wouldn’t miss even for the premier of their favorite HBO original series. So let’s get started!

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries

  1. Invite friends from different stages of your life. This will generate more diverse conversation and will have you laughing and smiling over memories all night long.
  2. Choose a venue that once set the stage for one of your fondest memories or biggest accomplishments. 
    1. Host a dinner party where he proposed to you.
    2. Throw a beach BBQ where you spent the summers with your kids.
  3. Have enough ice. This may seem weird, but personal parties always seem to run out of ice. A general rule is to supply a pound of ice per person.
  4. Customize the menu. Getting creative with the menu is one of our favorite ways to celebrate milestones, here are some ideas to get you inspired:
    1. Have a dish to represent each decade.
    2. Lay a spread of different versions of your favorite food for the hors d’oeuvres table (a different type of cupcake for each year of marriage, yes please!)
    3. Serve a customized cocktail named after your wildest memory (no one has to know the details!)
  5. Choose a spectacular theme! Did you meet the love of your life at a bookstore? Try a literature themed cocktail party. Did you spend your 25th birthday overseas? Transform your event into a travel destination worthy of a passport stamp. Remember, the best themes are always created from a good story — and the best stories include the people you love.
  6. Ask someone close to you to compile the best memories from every year you’ve been alive, or every year you and your spouse have been together (50 memories for 50 years old, 25 memories for 25 years together.)
  7. Get creative with the gifts. 
    1. The perfect way to end a milestone event is to send your guests off with something fun, nostalgic and creative. Give your guests a CD of songs that match the event’s theme.
    2. If you are hosting a milestone party for a loved one or couple, request that all guests bring the same gift, like a graphic T-shirt or a mug.

If you’re celebrating the big 3-0, 5-0, 8-0 or any milestones in between, you’ll want to make this event as rich and exciting as the life you’re celebrating. Book Blend for a custom catering experience that will bring more joy to the table.