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Why Your Wedding Meal Is The Root Of Your Wedding | Lake Tahoe Catering

Weddings are full of wonderful ceremonies: the kiss, the toasts, the dancing and of course the cutting of the cake. While all these are memorable and exciting, people always seem to remember the wedding meal the most. In many ways, your wedding meal is the mini event at the heart of your wedding. It’s a time when people can gather around and share old memories while making new ones. It’s the first time your two families share a meal as one.

As Lake Tahoe caterers, we get to help couples celebrate their love in the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe. But what we love most is creating an unforgettable experience couples will remember for a lifetime. We believe providing an unforgettable wedding menu is at the root of this important moment.


It’s What People Remember Most

We’ve been to a lot of weddings, both as guests and as caterers, and one thing seems to always stay the same: the spread is what people remember most. We suggest giving them lots of things to remember. Get the most out of your theme, play with the presentation, or set up a few interactive food stations.


It’s A Chance To Show Off Your Style As a Couple 

From curated food and drink pairings to mini bites and cake alternatives, couples are putting a lot more effort into their menus. And it makes sense. This is the meal that celebrates your unique love, so the menu and presentation should be just as unique. But “unique” doesn’t necessarily mean “extravagant.” Take the time to select a menu that reflects your couple style. Is an intimate 5-course dinner your style, or are pass-around bites more your thing? Maybe you want to put desserts front-and-center with a full dessert menu. Remember, this is your day.


The Food Honors Your Guests

Sharing a meal with your guests is an opportunity to thank them for attending, toast to good fortune and recall all the little moments that led up to this beautiful day. But if your food tastes and looks like an afterthought, your guests will feel like an afterthought. Feed your guests with gratitude, not like herded cattle.


This is Your First Meal As a Married Couple

You just got married! You’re going to have a lot of firsts after those “I Do’s” and one of those is your first meal. We’d say that’s worth doing right.
We understand planning the wedding meal can be a lot of work. At Blend, we create custom catering menus inspired by your vision. Give us a call and we can start dreaming up something unforgettable!