What Is Your Party Style? Buffet-Style Wedding.

So you aren’t sure how to feed 200 or so people? There are several options out there when it comes to serving your wedding meal. To help you figure out the best serving style for your celebration, we’re breaking down the important information you need to know before planning the big day in our latest blog series: What is Your Party Style. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of hosting a buffet-style wedding reception.

Buffet-Style Wedding

A buffet wedding dinner features long tables with all of the dinner offerings presented in one line. Usually, there are servers behind the buffet to describe each dish (especially for allergy purposes) and to put appropriate portions on each guest’s plate. If the wedding is large, it’s not uncommon to have two separate buffet tables with the same food to keep things moving. The buffet will remain open for all of the guests to make one trip through, and for extra hungry guests to visit it again.

What you’ll love about a Buffet-Style Wedding

A buffet-style wedding dinner promotes mingling and interacting among guests and because everyone is on their feet, fewer servers are needed, which can make it a more cost-effective choice. Additionally buffets make it easier to provide guests with a variety of choices, which is great for your many guests who may have food allergies and/or dietary restrictions.

What you’ll want to consider about a Buffet-Style Wedding

As each table will have to wait their turn to head to the buffet, it may take a while for all guests to receive their food. You may also have to rent linens, chafing dishes and serving pieces if your caterer does not provide them. Additionally, because people tend to eat more when they serve themselves, there may be leftovers of some items while you may run out of others quickly.

All that being said, no matter what style you choose, we can help craft the perfect meal for you and your loved ones.  If you have an upcoming wedding to plan for, we would love to help!

We understand planning the wedding meal can be a lot of work. At Blend, we create custom catering menus inspired by your vision. Give us a call today to get started on the best wedding catering menu for you!