Blend Catering featured on NevadaGrown, a nonprofit interested in fostering sustainable and healthy eating

Blend Catering was recently featured on NevadaGrown. We are proud to be listed here with other local companies who’s goal it is to further sustainable eating in our local community. NevadaGrown is a nonprofit Nevada corporation whose mission is to foster the success of sustainable agriculture and to encourage healthy eating for Nevada’s communities through education, support and promotion.

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Blend Catering | Local, Sustainable, Healthy

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We cater food and drink that express our enthusiasm and zest for what we do. Whether it’s a cocktail party with pass-around bites, a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, a multi-course dinner, or a business meet-and-eat, we always stick to the same high-quality standards: fresh, sensible ingredients; friendly, organized service; delicious, memorable food. We’ll listen to your ideas, wishes, concerns and curiosities to create an inspiring menu to compliment your event.

The Story Behind Blend:
We started Blend after earning our education and training—a trek that took us from the strict Culinary Institute of America in New York to some of the most eclipsing restaurants and catering companies in Napa Valley and San Francisco. Throughout our comprehensive experience we’ve continued to test our limits, standing strongly by our mission to deliver truly unforgettable experiences. We are happy to call the Greater Reno Tahoe area our home, as this region is brimming with culinary possibilities and evolving in exciting ways. We love bringing our experience to this revival and building valuable partnerships with other movers and shakers in the community to bring people unparalleled experiences in food, drink and celebration of life’s delicious moments.

Our Journey:
Along our food journey we got to experience a little bit of everything, we even operated a food truck—a hot, humid, cramped truck of food. The food was tasty and the atmosphere was challenging, but it wasn’t quite us. See, we like the specialness of catering; we’re people-people who enjoy celebrations, special events, group dinners and other gatherings where friends, family, co-workers and strangers get together to share an experience. We like working a variety of events; it keeps everything fresh. It’s the variety that keeps us excited.

The inspiration for the food we prepare comes from local flavors, modern culinary techniques, what’s happening in other food hubs, and most importantly, whatever you’re dreaming up. With our culinary education and training, we can execute any and all food ideas you might have in mind, even if wanting us to come up with the ideas on our own is what you have in mind. Together we’ll create a memorable menu that tells your story.

If you have an upcoming wedding to plan for, we would love to help make your day delicious! We pride ourselves on creating food and drinks that best express your personality as a couple. We listen to your story and ideas to create an inspiring menu that compliments your wedding.

We understand planning the wedding meal can be a lot of work. At Blend, we create custom catering menus inspired by your vision. Give us a call today to get started on the best wedding catering menu for you!