What’s Your Corporate Lunch Style? Build Your Own.

Are you looking for the best lunch catering to break up your work day?  We can help you figure out the best serving style for your team. In this installment of our latest blog series: What is Your Party Style, learn more about one of our very favorite corporate lunch styles: Build Your Own.

Build Your Own Style Corporate Lunch

Blend Catering creates lunches that are designed to let those enjoying it have a little say in what they choose. We supply generous portions and ample variety to keep everyone satisfied. Below are some examples of an outside-the-lunch-box lunch at the office.


Build Your Own Ramen Bowl:

Ramen noodles
House made pork-ginger broth

Vegetarian Ramen noodles
House made shiitake mushroom and seaweed broth


Slow cooked pork belly

Vegetarian Option
Roasted maitake and trumpet mushrooms


Soft boiled egg
Scallion tops
Grilled corn
Chili oil
Bean sprouts
Crispy garlic

Build Your Own Poke Bowl:

Ahi Tuna + Yuzu Ponzu + Asian Pear + Avocado
Ahi Tuna + Goghujang Mayo + Tobiko + Avocado + Asian Pear

Maui Sweet Onion
Wonton Strips
Wakame Salad
Sesame Seeds
Warm Sushi Rice


If you have an upcoming corporate event to plan for, or just want to reward your team with a catered lunch, we would love to help. At Blend, we create custom catering menus inspired by your vision. Give us a call today to get started on the best catering menu for you!