What’s Your Party Style? Wedding Catering Trends: Weed Weddings

Are you looking for a reception wedding that best fits you? Not everyone wants the traditional sit-down meal or the go-to buffet. To help you figure out the best serving style for your celebration we are continuing our latest blog series: What is Your Party Style. Only this time, we are looking at the latest wedding trend: Weed Weddings. Read on to learn more about the unique types of weddings we have come across this season!

Cannabis is making its way into the wedding industry in a big way. And while Blend Catering does not personally provide the cannabis, we have been working with couples and other vendors that do. Upscale and opulent weddings are incorporating cannabis in their décor, food, and cocktails. Destination weddings in Reno/Tahoe as well are becoming increasingly popular due to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the the area.

Here are some of the trends we have seen:

Cannabis Wedding

  • Pot bars: Just like a cocktail bar, this is a separate table featuring a display of  rolled joints, with a dispensary professional on hand to answer questions about how each type of marijuana should affect the user.
  • Pot tents: With a nod to the folks who don’t want to accidentally inhale, the marijuana bar is built inside a tent that also features cocktail tables, like a VIP lounge. Guests are asked to do their smoking inside the tent so as not to affect guests who don’t want to breathe second-hand smoke.
  • Welcome gifts: Some couples are including marijuana baked goods and candies in welcome baskets and bags that greet out-of-town guests when they arrive at their hotels (Note: You must label these in a very obvious manner to avoid accidental dosing).
  • Reception favors: Many marijuana favor bars feature edibles, such as brownies, cake pops, and candy, though there are a few stories of brides and grooms who have given guests a “to-go joint” at the end of the night. Note: Blend does not provide these but we do provide a number of delicious “munch-able”  treats that all guests will all enjoy!

It is important to note that not all wedding venues in legal-marijuana states are loving this new trend. While pot may be legal in a particular state, some wedding venues don’t permit smoking of any kind inside. It can be difficult finding vendors that cater to couples wanting a cannabis wedding, but as this trend grows, there will surely be an increase in vendors that offer this as an option. It will be interesting to see how this trend evolves!

Blend Catering is happy to collaborate with the best vendors Nevada has to offer to meet the needs of couples wishing to celebrate their nuptials with a cannabis themed wedding. If you have an upcoming wedding to plan for, we would love to help make your day delicious! We pride ourselves on creating food and drinks that best express your personality as a couple. We listen to your story and ideas to create an inspiring menu that compliments your wedding.

We understand planning the wedding meal can be a lot of work. At Blend, we create custom catering menus inspired by your vision. Give us a call today to get started on the best wedding catering menu for you!