A waiter holdinga tray of mini cheeseburger sliders.

Wedding Food Trends To Look Out For in 2024

More than ever, engaged couples are seeking new ways to make their wedding celebrations unique and memorable. One way to make your wedding stand out is by giving your guests an exciting culinary experience. Rather than the standard buffet or chicken dinner, treating your guests (and yourself!) to gorgeous and unforgettable dishes will make your big day even more special.

From interactive food stations to delicious late-night snacks, there are so many ways to create a menu that reflects your love story. Looking for ideas? Here are the top wedding food trends that couples are choosing in 2024!

A wedding grazing table.
Photo by Gagewood Photo.

Grazing Tables

With butter boards and girl dinners blowing up on social media in 2023, it’s no surprise that grazing tables are one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in 2024. Grazing tables have become a popular choice for weddings thanks to their stunning visuals and array of snack options. While these tables are usually adorned with an assortment of cheeses, cured meats, fruit, nuts, and dips, don’t be afraid to get creative with the options! From Middle Eastern mezze to French crudités, grazing tables are the perfect way for guests to mingle and enjoy pre-dinner snacks.

Mini fried chicken sliders on a stone tray.
Fried chicken sandwich + Alabama white BBQ sauce + lettuce + brioche bun

Small Bites & Individual Servings

When it comes to individual servings, personalization takes center stage! Small bites are the perfect opportunity to incorporate some of your favorite foods during cocktail hour. Whether you serve poke bowls inspired by your first date or Nashville hot chicken as a nod to your hometown, the sky is the limit! From small bites to miniature desserts, individual servings are not only a great way to showcase your personality but also allow guests to try a variety of options without committing to a full-sized portion.

Canapes on a white platter.
Crème fraiche tartlet + caviar + chive

Creative Canapés

For couples wanting something a bit more elegant, look no further than classic canapés. With their unique flavors, gorgeous presentations, and unexpected pairings, there’s no better way to elevate cocktail hour! Hors d’oeuvres such as caviar tartlets, lemony artichoke skewers, or goat cheese crostini offer a sneak peek for a luxurious meal to come. And, combined with crisp wine or signature cocktails, these bite-sized delights will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Mini brats on a white plate.
Mini brats + pretzel bun + violet mustard + pickled mustard + chives

Comfort Food

In 2024, couples are embracing the charm of cozy dishes to create a warm and inviting cocktail hour. From childhood favorites like macaroni and cheese and pizza to nostalgic meals like chicken pot pie and meatloaf, these small bites are the perfect way to show off your personality or share a family recipe. Even better, our chefs add a gourmet twist to these beloved favorites to add a touch of sophistication and elegance!

Hands holding poke bowls.
Photo by Gagewood Photo.

Interactive Food Stations

What better way to offer a culinary experience than interactive food stations? From a build-your-own poke bar to a DIY nacho station, they will add a sense of excitement to your wedding day. If you want to extend the fun to dinner hour, try offering a customizable pasta counter, carving station, or sushi bar! These interactive experiences allow guests to customize meals to their taste and add a personal touch to the dining experience.

A white bowl of salad on a tablecloth next to flowers, gold cups, and plates.
Photo by Ryan Ray.

Local & Sustainable Ingredients

As consumers become more conscious about where their food comes from, it’s no surprise that couples are incorporating more locally-sourced ingredients into their wedding menus. Using seasonal ingredients means that you get the best of the season while reducing costs and your environmental impact. Even better, by choosing local, you’re making a positive impact on small businesses.

Roasted cauliflower with pine nuts and chive flowers on a white plate.
Whole roasted cauliflower + date syrup + pine nuts + herb oil

Plant-Based Plates

As plant-based diets increase in popularity, they’re also becoming a sought-after choice for wedding menus. From vegan small bites to veggie-based mains, couples are embracing a more inclusive approach to catering that accommodates a variety of dietary preferences. Whether you’re interested in serving a full vegan menu or a couple of unique vegetarian options, we offer a variety of innovative plant-based meals that will have your guests coming back for seconds!

Plated Dinners

While buffets and family-style catering have been popular choices for couples in recent years, plated dinners are making a major comeback in 2024. Not only do they offer a classic and elegant approach, but they also add a formal flair to the dining experience. With each guest being served their own thoughtfully crafted plate, there is a lot of room for customization and breathtaking presentations!

Mini shrimp poboys on a white plate.
Mini shrimp po’boy + lettuce + lemon mayo + Crystal hot sauce

Late-Night Snacks

Late-night bites aren’t new, but they will continue to be a popular option in 2024. After a night of dancing and mingling, they’re the perfect way to keep the party going! These casual bites are also an opportunity to incorporate a special food that reflects your love story. From gourmet popcorn inspired by your first movie date to the street-style tacos that you enjoyed on your engagement trip to Mexico, late-night snacks are a delightful surprise for guests who have been dancing the night away.

A brunch buffet.
Mini yogurt parfaits + granola + seasonal fruit

Post-Wedding Brunch

Post-wedding brunches are a popular option for couples who want to spend extra time with their friends and family after the wedding. Extending the celebration with breakfast allows you and your guests to relive the magic of the previous day. Offer a mix of casual breakfast options, coffee, and tea to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. It’s the perfect send-off after your special day!

Street tacos on a white platter.
Mini ancho braised beef taco + white onions + cilantro + queso fresco

Street Food

Street food brings a vibrant and exciting element to your wedding menu! Whether you’re serving street food during cocktail hour or treating your guests to a casual dinner, this is a great way to enjoy your favorite snacks or food inspired by your cultural background. From savory kebabs to spiced samosas, street food adds a casual and festive element to the celebration.

Dessert Stations

Dessert bars are quickly becoming a welcome alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Think whimsical donut walls, DIY sundae bars, and curated dessert tables featuring an array of your and your partner’s favorite treats. Dessert stations offer a fun, beautiful, and interactive experience to the post-dinner festivities!

Start Planning Your Wedding Menu

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