Reno Catering FAQ

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Whether you’re new to catering or just plain curious, here are some answers to common questions and misconceptions we sometimes hear. If you are looking for answers related to Covid-19, visit our Covid-19 event planning FAQ here.

I think I want Blend to cater my event. I just want to know what else you bring to the table (besides fabulous cuisine and superior service)?

As for plates, tables and equipment, let us know if there are personal items you’d like to incorporate and we’ll bring everything else! As for the other stuff, whether it’s corporate catering in Reno with pass-around bites, a multi-course dinner in Lake Tahoe, a backyard BBQ in Carson or a business meet-and-eat in Truckee, we always stick to the same high quality standards. We believe in fresh, sensible ingredients; friendly, organized service; and delicious, memorable food. You have a vision for your event and we’ll listen to your ideas, wishes, concerns and curiosities to create an inspiring menu (and anything else we can help with that compliments your event).

I’m the bride-to-be of a Lake Tahoe wedding who wants the best wedding caterer for my big day. What helpful information can I have for you when I call?

Thanks for asking! Definitely the date, timing, venue and guest count to get us started. Then we’ll work through some other details. Things like:

  1. What kind of service would you like? (e.g. plated dinner, buffet, family style, etc.)
    This helps us work with your budget and plan a one-of-a-kind menu that fits you.
  2. What mood do you want to create for your guests?
    Obviously happy (it’s your wedding!), but sharing your vision—whether it’s an elegant seated dinner or a wild, comfort food-fueled family dance-off—helps us match your dishes to your desires.
  3. Who will be there to set up and when?
    Whether it’s hired venue staff or your helpful cousins, it’s great for us to know who to look for so we’re all working together to make your wedding great!
  4. Do you know what kind of kitchen and equipment we’ll have access to?
    (Ovens, fridge size, number of burners on the stove, prep space, working condition of things). It’s like we’re behind the scenes of a great movie; we want to make sure the set is perfect so the crew can work flawlessly and the stars (you!) can shine.
  5. Of course, what kind of budget are you working with?
    Budgets of every size get equally thoughtful treatment from Blend. We just need to play with a few numbers so we can maximize your menu’s amazingness no matter what!

These are the big ones, but feel free to tell us about anything and everything you want, need or maybe even have dreamed of since childhood. The more we know and the sooner we know it the better we can deliver it (and the less your Maid-of-Honor has to think about it!) when your big day comes.

I see you do Reno catering, what about Lake Tahoe catering?

You’re in the right place. We’re headquartered in Reno, but do catering events all over within about 100 mile radius. We spend equal time catering Reno’s plentiful events, serving delicious food in the Carson City area, and catering in the beautiful locales around Lake Tahoe, Truckee and sometimes even beyond! Give us a call and we’ll peek at a map together.

I have a specific budget, can you work with it?

You bet. Having a budget is a great place to start in order to let us know what will be possible and how we can make it special.

How far in advance should I get in touch with you?

As with any event planning in Reno or elsewhere, sooner is always better. While most pop-up events in Reno and Lake Tahoe are of the planned variety, we understand that sometimes they can be a surprise! Let’s take a look at the calendar and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

I’m hosting a conference for gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, vegans with strict dietary needs. Can you make anything we’re able to eat?

Certainly! We cater to your preferences and needs. If that means dietary restrictions, food allergies or navigating any other tricky culinary waters, we know how to make it happen in ways that look and taste great!

I have every detail figured out about my event … except for where we’re having it and what we’re doing. Can you suggest some locations, DJs, etc.?

Yes! While we focus on the food, we have terrific relationships with people throughout the industry who specialize in providing you with wonderful venues, music and entertainment, equipment rentals and more. Being a catering company in Reno and Lake Tahoe means rubbing elbows with all kinds of helpful and talented people!

Where do you get your ingredients?

We happily source our menus locally whenever possible. We gather fresh fruits and veggies from local farms, shop at local butchers and meat processors and stock up on all kinds of delectable odds and ends at the many amazing local food markets around town. We’re proud of our Reno catering company’s big connection to the local food scene and glad to hear our clients appreciate it too!

I’ve got some very thirsty guests. Do you provide beverages?

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, we’ve got you 100% covered. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the licenses we carry give us options:

  1. You can provide all alcoholic beverages, and allow us to supply soft drinks, juices, glassware, ice, mixers, and garnishes and/or bartenders.
  2. We can arrange for a hosted bar service or a no-host bar service by a third party (we know plenty).