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The Stats: Josh Deri

Josh Deri - Reno CateringJosh fell in love with Israeli style food at a young age, enjoying it with his family, and learning to cook from his mother. Through his classical training and experience, he has deepened his interest in culturally specific cuisine and seeks out opportunities to elevate a traditional dish with a fresh approach.

  • Graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park
  • At events, he loves to chat with the guests, hear what they loved about the meal and crack a few jokes, if he gets a hold of the microphone.
  • His favorite kitchen utensil is a tamis, a type of drum sieve that acts as a strainer, food mill and grater
The Stats: Whitney Deri

Whitney Deri - Reno Catering

When Whitney gets in the kitchen, she is in the zone. Her vision comes to life as she fingers through recipe books, piecing together elements both classic and creative. A wiz with intricate details, she believes the most important ingredients are the herbs, the spices and the garnishes that pull it all together.

  • Her favorite kitchen utensil is the Japanese mandolin.
  • Graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with Josh. Her IQ was higher and she’ll never let him forget it.
  • The details of putting together a memorable experience brings her sincere joy. If she wasn’t a chef, she’d love to be an event coordinator.


Josh and Whitney - Reno CateringWe started Blend as a dream … and we dreamed pretty dang BIG. In order to fully execute our dreams for Blend, we knew we needed top-tier education and training. So, first we both enrolled in the military-like Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, New York. Upon graduation, we worked tireless hours under envelope-pushing chefs in Napa Valley and San Francisco. Next, we caught a glimpse of our entrepreneurial dream/nightmare by running our own food truck—it was fun, it was hot, it was a food truck. Then, finally, we were seasoned and ready to open the doors for Blend (a company we initially launched as Dough Catering).

Now that Blend is here, we’re dreaming BOLDER, working fresher and pushing harder.

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